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Intel Bug

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Dear @Barbara_P_Intel


I have no idea where to ask this question and it is one of those annoyingly interesting things that is happening with Intel Update Drivers.  


Screenshot 2022-10-10 090005.png

This occurs on several computers including some NUC's.  If I update using your support assistant, Microsoft update immediately loads an Intel DCH driver that is newer.  

This has gone on for several months.  I cannot be the only person who has this problem.  

Your support assistant is great, but this is well humourous. 

Warm regards


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You can use the Microsoft wushowhide utility to block the update MS wants to install.


Install the driver you want as you have previously done.

Then, after the reboot, run the wushowhide utility, and hide the driver MS wants to install.


Problem solved (until Microsoft decides otherwise).


Doc (not an Intel employee or contractor)
[Maybe Windows 12 will be better]

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Usually Intel are really good.  I mean to set up a NUC these days is about 3 hours work till you have a useful computer, but this is the interesting little flaw, beside the many flaws identified on this site for Fortran.  Some of the Fortran flaws are challenging, like Russells' Paradox is a challenge to visualize.  

I just wonder why this fault given the large number of drivers they look after.  


Thanks for the comment.  



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