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Intel Fortarn Compiler compilation error PRJ0005


Hi guys. I need your help in next issue:

I have a Jenkins build of native code and tools what I use are:

- Windows Server 2019 like a build node;

- openjdk-11.0.2

- maven-3.5.0

- Cmake v.3.22.2;

- Visual Studio Professional 2019 v. 16.11.5;

- Intel Fortarn Compiler (Beta) & Intel Fortran Compiler Classic v. 2022.0.2;

There are some issues what happens randomly, one day it's ok and another one - random place error.

22>bmap_objlib_f_part5 : error PRJ0005: Unable to create a temporary file in directory C:\jenkins\workspace\mapping2d_oec-migration3-to-vc16\plugins\zplusdevkit\com.lgc.zplusdevkit\target\cmake\win64vc16\bmap\bmap_objlib_f_part5.dir\Release\RSP1.rsp.

There are plenty of memory on Windows build node and the main miracle is one time build is OK. another time it got an such error without any source code changes .

Could you please help me with this issue, because I'm already broke my brain at all.


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I've heard of occasional problems doing builds in folders with really long paths. Another issue that sometimes happens is that antivirus software temporarily locks newly created files while it scans them, and this interferes with the build process.


Hi Steve, I'm really appreciate so fast answer. What about long paths - I'm already checked it and there are no more 255 symbols in PATH and also - It some time it works some times - no - if the reason was in long PATH it shouldn't works at all:) but it is really not stable What about antivirus - it is really good point because I tested the same build on another build node and there weren't any antivirus stuff and build was success. 

I want to also add one important remark that Windows build node where error happens is EC2 instance types t3.large. 

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I suspect a folder on the path to the intended .rsp file is missing (typo maybe?).

Create this batch file:

if exist C:\jenkins\ echo found
if exist C:\jenkins\workspace\ echo found
if exist C:\jenkins\workspace\mapping2d_oec-migration3-to-vc16\ echo found
if exist C:\jenkins\workspace\mapping2d_oec-migration3-to-vc16\plugins\ echo found
if exist C:\jenkins\workspace\mapping2d_oec-migration3-to-vc16\plugins\zplusdevkit\ echo found
if exist C:\jenkins\workspace\mapping2d_oec-migration3-to-vc16\plugins\zplusdevkit\com.lgc.zplusdevkit\ echo found
if exist C:\jenkins\workspace\mapping2d_oec-migration3-to-vc16\plugins\zplusdevkit\com.lgc.zplusdevkit\target\ echo found
if exist C:\jenkins\workspace\mapping2d_oec-migration3-to-vc16\plugins\zplusdevkit\com.lgc.zplusdevkit\target\cmake\ echo found
if exist C:\jenkins\workspace\mapping2d_oec-migration3-to-vc16\plugins\zplusdevkit\com.lgc.zplusdevkit\target\cmake\win64vc16\ echo found
if exist C:\jenkins\workspace\mapping2d_oec-migration3-to-vc16\plugins\zplusdevkit\com.lgc.zplusdevkit\target\cmake\win64vc16\bmap\ echo found
if exist C:\jenkins\workspace\mapping2d_oec-migration3-to-vc16\plugins\zplusdevkit\com.lgc.zplusdevkit\target\cmake\win64vc16\bmap\bmap_objlib_f_part5.dir\ echo found
if exist C:\jenkins\workspace\mapping2d_oec-migration3-to-vc16\plugins\zplusdevkit\com.lgc.zplusdevkit\target\cmake\win64vc16\bmap\bmap_objlib_f_part5.dir\Release\ echo found

(and run it)

If any of those folders are not found, you will get an error message.

Jim Dempsey 

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You mean check each part of PATH for compiler can found it and by this method resolve the next question does the reason in blocking concrete file RSP1.rsp or the issue during resolving PATH ?  There are no typos! It works! But it gotting an error in random place and in a random time some times. My mind this is an antivirus issue, I will check it and let you know colleagues. Thanks a lot for your attention to my issue. 

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