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Intel Fortran API ONE and Abaqus

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Dear ABAQUS users.  

This is the Intel Fortran Forum.  The people here are really good with Intel Fortran, but most of them do not have a copy of ABAQUS.  I can use ABAQUS on the University Supercomputer but it will be old with an old Intel Fortran and it comes with great help people. 

Abaqus student is now available and as an academic I downloaded a copy and I have VS 2019 Preview and the latest Intel Fortran installed.  

I posted a shot showing how to set up for the latest ABAQUS with this Fortran and it passes the verify test.  

But I am not going to waste a lot of time setting up an example input file with Fortran subroutine when many exist, but to say that the literature supporting ABAQUS is an interesting mess that clearly has been built on since UNIX in the 1980s is an understatement.  I downloaded an MIT sample and it gives me ABAQUS errors, 

I strongly suggest, as in I will not read anymore ABAQUS posts until one of you with a direct interest in this stuff posts an inp sample with a Fortran subroutine.   

We can then check ABAQUS using the stuff on my machine.  

There is no way the ABAQUS support team is going to help with these types of problems it is a huge suite.

Help me help you - but stop wasting people's time. 

Complaining without actual effort to assist in solving your problems is like throwing sand at the beach, it is fun but there is no progress forward.  

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