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Intel Fortran With MKL


Dear Steve Leonel,

After stopping the agreemants between Intel and IMSL we try to work with MKL.


Unfortunatelly we can't link to the MKL.

We need MKL Fast Fourier Transform.

The Fortran Compiler does not recognize the use statement: USE MKL_DFTI.


We have installed Visual Studio 2019 and Intel Parallel Studio XE2020 – Visual Fortran Compiler

Can you help us?

It is possible for us to work with IMSL?

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The compiler probably did not say that it does not recognize a USE statement, but reported that it could not find the module file.

In the MKL include directory, you will find the file mkl_dfti.f90. Compiling this file will generate the missing module file. You may then place that module file in a directory where the compiler can find and use it when it encounters use mkl_dfti in your source files.

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mecej4 - is correct MKL works perfectly with VS and Intel Fortran, but it can be tricky to get it going the first time, the mod files can be a beast.  Keep going based on previous experience you have about 2.5 days more effort to get it going. 

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the MKL library usually supplies, at least on Linux, a makefile to help build their wrappers.  I found this article

For your Windows system, I would expect a .bat file or a compatible Windows command line makefile that is similar.

If you have trouble let me know and I can transfer this tread to the MKL Forum.  OR if you have support please open a support ticket against MKL - it's an MKL issue not a Fortran issue.

and a handy URL to have: the MKL Link Line Advisor is amazing if you need the link commands for any of the MKL libraries for a variety of targets:


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I second the suggestion of using the MKL link advisor.  It can solve stubborn MKL problems.

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