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Intel(R) XDK to include Fortran

At the product management meeting today, 1 April, it was decided that the Fortran compiler shall now be offered as part of the Intel® Multi Language XDK development suite. This announcement fulfills our commitment to Fortran developers that they will continue getting access to the latest platforms, and positions our Fortran offering inside the ML-XDK as a one-stop shop for users looking to do complex calculations on their phones.

An example of a possible use case:

  1. This capability will finally allow users to use the GPS tracker in their phones to pinpoint their location accurately, and then use the WRF simulators to do a weather prediction of their GPS location using the WRF simulator that is powered by Intel Fortran.
  2. You might even be able to use the GPS locator to see if there is oil beneath your feet – thanks to the power of Intel Fortran to do reservoir simulations right on your phone.
  3. But wait – there is more: The beautiful graphical user interface of the XDK will finally allow Fortran out of the shackles of the command line, and unleash the true potential of this language. Who needs Tableau!

Please join me in congratulating the team, who have done immense due diligence and foundation work to make this possible.

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