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Intellisense is not working for FORTRAN variables declared in mixed or lower case letter.


I am trying to debug a FORTRAN code written in mixed case letters. The project is setup as VS 2013 project with Intel(R) Visual Fortran 2015. I just cannot make the IDE display the variable value while debugging. However, if I retype the variable in uppercase in the watch window, it displays fine. Is there a setting I have to turn on to make this work? 

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I figured this out following the thread I discovered the thread later, after posting my request.

Thank you.



I'm glad you found a resolution.

It appears this behavior has changed in VS2015. I do not have the older PSXE 2015 (15.0)  integrations installed but with our PSXE 2017 (17.0) integrations I am not seeing this behavior under VS2015. I confirmed the variables are not accessible under VS2013 (w/17.0 integrations) with Native Edit and continue enabled, but with those same integrations under VS2015, with Native Edit and continue enabled,  I am able still view scalars/arrays on the Watch/Quickwatch/Local views.

Again, glad you found a resolution. Thank you for post back your resolution/finding.