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Issues with performance on wine when switching from compiler versions 10.1.011 to 12.0.21005.1


I've posted similar topic regarding this about two month ago, we are now a bit further along. The issue is that we have a win32 executable and dll that we need to run with wine on our Linux server. With the version compiled on our old fortran compiler (10.1.011) we never had any issues running both the executable and dll on wine. With the new compiler (12.0.21005.1), they simply refused to work. Just to be clear on windows machines there are no issues.

Part of the problem was an outdated wine. The updated version does allow for the program compiled with our new compiler to run, but significantly slower. Interestingly the application compiled with the compiler version 10.1.011 runs just as fast on windows, outdated wine and updated wine. The version compiled with 12.0.21005.1 runs only fast on windows, and about factor 3-4 slower on wine. When lunching parallel instances of the application via a script (lets say 10 instances on 12 CPUs) the calculation time goes even higher.

We tried 64 bit versions of the application, it ran smidge faster, so no major improvement.

The question is, did anyone ran into similar problem before? Or are there any compatibility settings in the compiler that we can try out?

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