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Two FORTRAN program


I have 2 different FORTRAN programs (quite big programs). Let us call program 'A' and 'B'

My program 'B' needs to use a subroutine of program A (exactly the same subroutine). Is it possible to call that subroutine of A from a subroutine of B?

Any examples will be appreciated.



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What you normally do is separate the subroutine into its own source file then either:

a) Add the source file to both of your projects/makefile for (A and B).

b) Compile the shared subroutine(s) into a Library project, then add this library (and dependency on) to both of your projects. The recommended practice in Fortran is to place the subroutine into a CONTAINS section of a module, then USE the module in A and B. The path to the .mod file must be in your INCLUDE path, the path to the resultant .obj file (when not placed into a library) may also need to be specified.

Jim Dempsey

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If you are using Microsoft Visual Studio, you can have a single Solution that has three Projects:

   one Project to build the subroutine(s) Library or Modules
   one Project to build program A (dependent on the Library Project)
   and one Project to build program B (dependent on the Library Project).

For debugging you then set the Startup Project to your choice of either A or B.

Jim Dempsey