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Lack of Debug Symbols in macOS? How to show variable values in debugger


Using IFort v19u4 on macOS 10.14.6. My libraries and programs are using the -debug all compiler flag. I have verified through inspection of the command line that the compiler is in fact being passed those arguments. I am trying to investigate a crash in our Fortran program (EXC_BAD_ACCESS) and I would really like to be able to just inspect variables. I have tried LLDB and gdb-ia (the one that comes with the compiler) and then the crash happens and the debugger stops I can get a stack trace and show the supposed line that caused the problems but I cannot seem to be able to actually print variable values. I tried all the usual commands:

print dim0

frame variables

p dim0


Nothing shows up. I really feel like I am missing something simple.


Mike Jackson

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