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Licence Renewal - XE2016 Update 4 32-bit Windows


I have installed Intel Parallel Studio XE 2016 Update 4 on one of my 32bit Windows machines using the serial number.  I have also installed XE2017 on my 64-bit Windows machine using the updated serial number.  The serial numbers expire on the 4th Jan 2017.  I assume when I renew, I will receive a new serial number?

As I am no longer able to update XE2016 on the 32-bit machine, what will happen to the existing serial number after the 4th Jan 2017?  Do I need to apply the new serial number in order to use the software on the 32-bit machine?

I have a licence for Intel® Parallel Studio XE Cluster Edition for Windows* (all tools)



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Except for Student and Evaluation licenses, your Parallel Studio XE license does not expire, so you will be able to keep using the installed version for as long as you want (assuming you don't change the system in a way that is no longer supported by that version.) It's the support term that has an end-date - this governs which updates and new versions you can install and also your access to Intel Premier Support.

When you renew, you will get a renewal serial number. On registration, it will update the data of your existing serial number which will continue to be used. You will need to download a new license file, which should happen automatically if you install a new version using the serial number, or you can "re-activate" using Intel Software Manager.