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Linear Equation Solver for real*16 or complex*32 data types?


I need to solve linear equations in complex*32 data type, but cannot find an appropriate solver in MKL.  Does such a solver exist for Intel Fortran? (I also have the IMSL library).

Additionally, I am trying to convert a group of old routines from Cray platform to the intel visual fortran which use "double precision" on Cray, roughly real*16 on the Intel Fortran, (actually an old LINPACK solver for complex*16 data type, I revised the routines to solve complex*32, using a pair of real*16 variables for each complex variable). I kept getting routine error 157 "Program exception - access violation", especially when I tried to pass arrays thru the F77 interface. And the diagnostics really didn't help that much, this error seems to happen randomly on different calling routines. I would appreciate any suggestions on solving the problem.


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