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List of compiler fixes for release 2017?

For the release 2016, there used to be a very nice page listing all bug fixes for the compiler:

I cannot find such a list for the release 2017 (and its update 1). Is something like this available. This is very useful to track all corrected bugs.

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Sorry, that's not being

Sorry, that's not being provided at this time. It may reappear in the future.

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Dear Intel developers/Support

Dear Intel developers/Support,

Thank you for the Intel compilers.

Could you please provide a bug-fixes for the releases. This is a critical information for users and admins alike.

I can not find any publicly accessible bug tracking system for the Intel compiler? Does it exist?




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Martin - Thank you for your

Martin - Thank you for your feedback. As Steve wrote, the compiler 17.0 fixes lists are not currently available for PSXE 2017 release. We do not have a publically available bug tracking system either. Others have also suggested ideas for such recently. I am gathering up such feedback and forwarding up to management.

If you're interested in changing the (name withheld) appearing for your posts, this is due to your having a display name equal to your login ID; those must be different and the login ID cannot be an email address.

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