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MSVS won't open a recently used solution file

Black Belt

Has anyone come across this issue or have a solution to it:

1. MSVS works normally, opening the last opened solution, as per the settings.

2. I then attempt to reopen another solution in my list of recently used solutions, but nothing happens.

The system is Win 10 with MSVS 2017 (15.9.4) and Intel PSXE 2019 Update 1

File / Open Project/Solution and migrating to the solution location works properly.

None of my projects or solution files have been moved from their current locations for a long time, so there has not been a change of path, or anything like that.



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The problem is probably caused by your using a newer version of VS2017 (namely, 15.9.4) than the newest that Intel's VS integration is compatible with (15.8, according to )

See this long thread, where the compatibility problems were reported and discussed by many users: .