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Migrating From VS2010 to VS2015


I've recently acquired the latest version of Visual Studio Professional 2015 (at great expense) as Intel Parallel Studio 2017 is no longer supported by VS2010 and I want to keep up to date with developments.

I installed both products and then tried to rebuild an existing multi language application defined in a solution file that previously worked using to older versions.

I anticipated problems may arise when upgrading to newer versions of programs so before i attempted the rebuild I copied the entire directory structure that I had set up previously into a separate place so as not to corrupt the tried and trusted VS2010 & Intel PS 2016 workspace.

I installed VS 2015 first and then Intel PS 2017. I thought I could just open the solution file and everything would get migrated into the new environment. However I found the following issues arose:

1) The c libraries have the words (unavailable) "The project file was unavailable" under the library name.

2) When compiling I get the following messages:

1>warning #31001: The dll for reading and writing the pdb (for example, mspdb110.dll) could  not be found on your path. This is usually a configuration error. Compilation will continue using /Z7 instead of /Zi, but expect a similar error when you link your program.
1>Creating library...
1>xilib: error #10037: could not find 'lib'
1>Lib: error spawn_errno_default: spawn('C:\PROGRA~2\INTELS~1\COMPIL~3\windows\bin\Intel64\xilink.exe') failed, errno=0

The mspdb110.dll relates to VS2010 so something appears not been converted properly, or maybe I'm expecting too much for the process to be straightforward.

What do I need to to get the solution set up so that it works as it did previously?


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Black Belt

Vs2015 returned to making c++ and library optional. You would return to vs install menu to select c++ and check that run time library is selected. After this upgrade a reinstallation of Intel compiler may be required or at least replacement of vs shell .
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For further details, see

I'll comment that the Intel Parallel Studio install gave you a warning that there was no C++ support present - I've asked the install team to make this an error that stops the install.

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Thanks Tim & Steve


II installed the C++ and now everything has compiled and linked ok.

Thanks again




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