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Dear All:

I realize we are all busy, but I enclose a recent picture from the CDC of the corona virus.   The problem is that most Fortran programmers are older, so it is a real problem for us older gentle folk. 

PS: Vodka only has 40% alc, you need 60% to sterilize. 

Interesting problem:  How could you encode the nasty little blighter in Fortran?




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I was looking at the disease spread models, the problem is similar to the how many bombs does it take to destroy a city - solved by the English Statistician in WW2. Great paper. 

In looking at a disease model in Fortran --  it is not a good idea to use the model of a cell enclosed by eight cells,  after all human move, I wonder if a good model would include a high level array to code cities, an array below each city for the districts, and so on? In Lisp we could do this in tree and branch form - but it is harder in Fortran 

Any ideas?

This is just a thought experiment. I realize it has probably been done.