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Need extension in evaluation duration of Intel Parallel Studio


Hello all

I have downloaded and installed Intel Parallel Studio XE 2018 update 2 cluster edition. I used it for few days and uninstalled. Now, my evaluation license key have got expired and i have got serial number to install full software. Problem is, when i am trying to use this serial key during installation process, it does not let me install software and gives error message. 

In my friends system, he was still using evaluation version and when he put serial number, it accepts. Seems like I should be using software when I use new serial number. So, can I get my evaluation copy extended using another key so that I can use new key?

How can I solve this issue? Please help.

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All licensing requests must be made through

But there is an easy solution to this. Run the Intel Software Manager (already installed). On the Licenses tab, select your expired evaluation license and click on the second button from the right (to the left of the trash can). This should let you enter a serial number (the tooltip may read "Add serial number for this product."

If you need more help, submit a ticket as above.

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