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No option to use Fortran in Microsoft Visual Studio


I recently downloaded the student version of Intel (R) Parallel Studio XE 2019, which is supposed to come with a Fortran Compiler. I have also downloaded the "community version" of Microsoft Visual Studio 2019. When I open up Miscrosoft Visual Studio 2019, I cannot find an option to start a Fortran script. I have looked in every single dropdown menu accessible in the entire interface and cannot find anything related to starting a Fortran script. Also, the only thing file in the whole Intel (R) Parallel Studio XE 2019 install that appears to have anything to do with Fortran is merely a "getting started" guide of helpful hints. I have downloaded Microsoft Version Studio trying to obey the precept "Microsoft C++ support must be selected as part of the Visual Studio install", and have downloaded all of the extensions that have C++ in the title. Item 3 in the "getting started" guide to using Visual Studio says "In the New Project window, select a project type under Intel(R) Visual Fortran," but there is no "Intel(R) Visual Fortran" to select a project under. Perhaps I have downloaded the wrong version of Intel (R) Parallel Studio XE 2019 (maybe I need the professional or something higher and not the student)... Or maybe I need a higher level version of Microsoft Visual Studio other than the community version. Perhaps it also something simple I am overlooking. I appreciate any help.


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