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Obtaining a handle to run-time created tab in tab control (IVF)


I am testing the insertion and removal of tabs in a tab control at run-time.

Tabs can easily be created/deleted by sending appropriate messages like


bRet = SendMessage(hCtl, TCM_INSERTITEM, iTab, LOC(TI))
bRet = SendMessage(hCtl, TCM_DELETEITEM, iTab, 0) 

 where TI contains f.i. the label text. It seems however that these run-time created tabs do not have/obtain a handle?

When I loop over all childs of the tab control, which has 3 predefined tabs, I only see handles to these predefined tabs, not to any existing run-time created tabs. 

How can I obtain/create handles to these run-time created tabs? I am able to set an ID for each tab using the TCIF_PARAM in TCITEM type but that doesn't help much.

Any help is appreciated.

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