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OneAPI integration in VS2019 (Fortran)

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Since we have switched to OneAPI with VS2019 community edition, I have noticed a lot of problems with the source code editor. The most annoying one is when the "Highlight Matching Tokens" feature is set to "True". In Fortran modules with a lot of source lines (but not only), adding an opening/closing parenthesis makes the editor to freeze for a few seconds (2-5s). This is very boring and makes coding extremely uncomfortable. Sometimes, a banner is displayed at the top of the editor saying that the intel fortran VS extension seems very slow, and VS asks for disabling it!

I have also noticed that, when trying to close all open files (right-click on the active tab header) makes VS crashing and reloading without doing anything! the files must be closed manually one after the other. Is this something relating to oneAPI integration in VS2019 or a more general VS2019 issue?

Any comments about these problems?

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I recently moved from VS 2017 to VS2022 so I have no experience with 2019 but with all VS I have problems that after working for a while (2 hours maybe) the editor starts to do crazy thing going slow. Is seems to be parsing the file to find/match things and that has got slower (memory leak maybe?). Anyway I have found no solution other than to close VS and re-open it which is annoying but not too big a deal.  I think if you switch off a lot of helpful stuff in the editor you can fix it but the cure is worse than the disease.

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Thanks for your reply,

I also found that this may happen after working in VS for too long. I discussed this issue with a colleague of mine, and he told me that VS had trouble because of the 32 bits architecture, and this will be solved in the 2022 version which should be 64 bit (but it seems that this was not solved yet). However, I have also experienced that this morning, just after opening VS 2019 with an existing solution, there was some files already open (may be 10 or so), and when I tried to close them all, VS crashed!

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