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Overloading matrix-matrix multiplication

I tried to overload matrix-matrix multiplication through the operator *, but the intrinsic matrix-matrix multiplication has already existed as component wise multiplication, which triggers "conflict" error.

I think there are only two ways to avoid this conflict as

(1) Use my own data type in overloading the operation 

(2) Removing the intrinsic matrix-matrix multiplication

However, the first one is not desirable for me, since I need to use lots of matrix multiplication for lots of variables which requires large efforts to turn them into my own data type.

So, my question is if the second way is possible or not , and please let me know if there is another way to resolve this problem.






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You cannot suppress the

You cannot suppress the accessibility of the intrinsic operations.  This is a good thing, redefining basic operations like multiplication of REAL values is only going to confuse those reading your code.

Consider defining a different operator (e.g. .mymatmul.) for the operation.

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