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Parallel Studio 2019 XE cluster version, and VS2017 envr note

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I recently installed PS 2019 XE Cluster edition with VS2017 community.  Everything (that I've check) works great, but I did notice that the environment setup for VS2017 does not properly set the path to the mpi dynamic library (impi.dll).  That is, when I run a program from VS2017 that uses MPI, it generates the error that it can't find impi.dll.   There is no problem running mpiexec from the PS2019XE command window, as the environment setup properly includes $(I_MPI_ROOT)\intel64\bin\release, which is where impi.dll is installed (or in the debug dir).  

However, from within VS2017, such as when running the debugger, path is only set to $(I_MPI_ROOT)\intel64\bin, so the dll is not found.  It is of course trivial to add $(I_MPI_ROOT)\intel64\bin\release to PATH, but it would be nice if that was setup when PS 2019 XE is integrated into VS2017.

Also, as others have noted, the debugger still has problems displaying values of arrays when hovering over a variable, but you can see them in the watch window.

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