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Possible to get a student license (.lic file) for using already installed program?


Currently I am a master student, in the begin-phase of my thesis. I am following up another students work. She made a connection between ABAQUS (2016), Intel Parallel Studio XE 2015, and Microsoft visual studio (2010), to be able to define a UMAT in abaqus. Now her student license has expired since September 30th. Is it possible to get a new .lic file via my student account? When I look at the 'Free Intel® Software Development Tools' page, I can only download the newest software (oneAPI base toolkit), but I am afraid to lose the linkage between the ABAQUS/intel parallel/microsoft VS programmes if I download this new version.

Please let me know, if possible, how to obtain a student license file to use old programme?

Kind regards, Anna


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You are better off just using the latest - it will work with a bit of effort. 

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