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Problem in building HDF5-1.10.6 with mpiifort.


Recently I tried to build the hdf5 library using the following set of instructions:

export CC=mpiicc
export CCP="mpiicc -E"
export FC=mpiifort

export CFLAGS="-o3 -mcmodel=medium -xHost -ip"
export FCFLAGS="-o3 -mcmodel=medium -xHost -ip"

export LIBS="-lz"
export LDFLAGS="-L/home/umair/zlib/zlib-1.2.11/lib"
export CPPFLAGS="-I/home/umair/zlib/zlib-1.2.11/include/"

mkdir ~/hdf5/hdf5-1.10.6

sudo ./configure --enable-parallel --enable-fortran --with-zlib=/home/umair/zlib/zlib-1.2.11 --prefix=/home/umair/hdf5/hdf5-1.10.6

sudo make

sudo make check

sudo make install

I have to use sudo, without it can't proceed. I have no idea why!!

The installation runs fine but after it completes when I check the libhdf5.settings, it shows Fortran Compiler: /usr/bin/mpif90

I need to use mpiifort but I don't know how to tackle this issue.


Kindly help!


PS: I have attached the libhdf5.settings file. 



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