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Problem installing parallel_studio_xe_2020_update2_cluster_edition with student license


Hi, I'm a student who is trying to install parallel_studio_xe_2020_update2_cluster_edition to compile some Fortran program.

but, when I start intall program and type my serial number, this error blocks me from installing 

<Following error has occurred during license check: (-88). Please refer to for details.>

It seems something is wrong with my student license but the system says my license is active due to year 2021.

here are things that I've tried and condition of my computer

1. Before running install program, I installed visual studio 2017 which includes Desktop development with C++.

2. I tried installing both through serial number, and the license file. but same error appears.

3. My computer's OS is window 10 and did all updates necessary.

4. since I do not know much about this program, I selected full package install


Please some one help me 

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