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Problem with subroutine compilation


I'm getting an error when compiling my project, just when a subroutine is analyzed. The message says: "compilation aborted for C:\Users\[...]\MONTE_CARLO_IMPORTANCE_SIMULATION.F90 (code 1).

I'm trying the compilation using Intel Parallel Studio XE 2015 with VS2013 and Windows 7.

I'm attaching this subroutine. Could someone help me?


Best regards!


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This source depends on modules not provided. Please attach a ZIP of the buildlog.htm from the failed build. The message you show is not the real error, but it is often what one sees for an internal compiler error. Ideally, attach a zip of the entire project (after doing a Build > Clean) so that we can try to reproduce the problem. Since you are using a compiler two major versions back, it could be a problem we have fixed in the meantime.


Thanks for providing the project offline. The source in question compiles ok in 17.0.1 (you are using 15.0.7). The compiler did complain of errors in the sources, such as a reference to an array slice 1:8 where the array's upper bound is 7. Another error is an array constructor with a mixture of real and integer values. I understand that this was a package given to you by someone else, but the author really needs to run this through a decent compiler that will detect these errors.

It's a bit weird that you're doing a debug build with optimization enabled - you can do this, but some optimizations won't occur with some of the options enabled in a debug build (such as stack checks.)