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Purchasing a licence


The free (30 day trail) version of Intel Visual Fortran compiler is working good for our applications.

Now, we are aplanning to purchase the licensed version of Visual FORTRAN compiler (for a 64 bit computer, with WINDOWS OS).

Could you please guide me the best package that can suit our requirements, which are given below:

1) We need to build applications for mostly for FORTRAN code. Occassionally, we also come across with C code.
2) We have to build applications by modifying the code used by theUSGS for MODFLOW applications.
3) We are also looking for the integrated package that includes Visual Studio in it.

Thank you

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Since you also sometimes need to build C code, you will need to buy Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 - the Standard Edition will work. Then buy Intel Visual Fortran Professional Edition to add Fortran to Visual Studio. This edition also includes Visual Studio 2008 Shell and Libraries, but that supports Fortran only, not C.

If you have programmers who will be using Fortran only, the separate Visual Studio is not needed for them.

I am not familiar with the requirements of MODFLOW.
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