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QucickWin forttl error

Hi , I have been trying to run a nuclear physics simulation using MCNP ( a code specialized for this ) but when I run the simulation I receive this error : Internal error - unexpected error E: \forttl\build\qwnbuild\qwgswc.c , line 919 I have checked the input and it had no errors to prevent the code from running properly, I have seen others have problems similar to this but their line was different from mine , (their problem was solved by reducing their display color depth to 24 bit , don't know about mine thought.) I 'll be thankful for your solutions.
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It may well be the same issue. This error is usually QuickWin complaining that it has run out of some resource, and a bitmap that is too large (number of pixels times color depth) is a frequent cause. It's unlikely to be related to the input.

Without seeing the source code it's impossible to give detailed advice, but I'd first see if the window in question can be made smaller.

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