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Replacement for Parallel Studio XE 2020.2.108


Currently I am working with a Fortran code that depends on Parallel Studio XE, I was given the version of the software cited in the title to install on a virtual machine that can run the Fortran Code. I am unable to run the bash because apparently:

"""The IA-32 architecture host installation is no longer supported.
The product cannot be installed on this system.
Please refer to product documentation for more information.


So I have a few questions:

1. I am using Ubuntu 18.04 LTS and 20.04 LTS (both giving the same message), is there any way I can install this software in a virtual machine? I rather use the one I have readily available and I am sure works well with the code.

2. If not, what would be the new version? I am aware the software was rebranded but I am hesitant to install a 40GB software when I am not sure if it will be the same.

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You have many choices, all with pro- and con- features, and have to comply with certain restrictions.

Although you did not explicitly say so, I assume that you have a 32-bit VM running on a 32-bit or 64-bit native OS.

You will not be able to use recent versions of Parallel Studio or OneAPI on a 32-bit system, whether that is a VM or native, because many of the newer compiler tools are 64-bit executables.

Option 1: If you have an installer saved for an old version of Parallel Studio that will run on a 32-bit host, and a current license, continue to deploy and use it on the 32-bit host or VM. In other words, stay in the past world.

Option 2: Use a PC with a 64-bit OS and OneAPI. Build and test for 64-bit OS. You can run 32-bit executables on such an OS, with few limitations. If you wish, you can install a 32-bit VM on this system and use it for testing the 32-bit programs that you build using 64-bit tools. You can provide your tested programs to others for running on 32-bit OSes or VMs.

Option 3: Accept that the 32-bit era is over and use current tools and develop applications for current targets.


I do have what used to be the student version of Parallel Studio XE 2020, I have tried installing it on 32-bit Ubuntu virtual machine from a 64-bit host without success, the message is the same. What I find interesting is that a few weeks ago I had a VM Ubuntu 20.04 where I could install that Parallel Studio and run the dependent code with no issue at all, I had to delete that VM and create a new one with the same Ubuntu version and now it doesn't work. A work friend can install the software on his VM even though he uses the same Ubuntu version as I do. Which leads me to believe the issue is with my host machine that currently runs on Windows 11 (Windows 10 when I installed Parallel Studio on the Ubuntu VM the first time), other than that nothing has changed, same processor.

Nevertheless I appreciate the help.

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It is stated in Section 4.1 of the release notes for PSXE 2020 for Linux that "Systems based on IA-32 architecture are supported as target platforms."  Therefore, the 2020 PSXE compiler could have been used for compilations only on a 64-bit OS or VM. 

I could find installers for 32-bit versions of Ubuntu 16.04, but not for 32-bit Ubuntu 18 or Ubuntu 20. Perhaps, you had an older version of PSXE working on an older version of Ubuntu-32 bit, and updated the OS and/or PSXE later? Applications that had been compiled with the older PSXE would continue to run, but could not have been rebuilt on the updated OS/compiler. 

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I am a little confused as to the various combinations of operating system bitness and operating system version that you are talking about.  How are you getting a 32 bit version of Ubuntu 20.04 installed?  As far as I am aware, installation media for such a thing does not exist.

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it has been a long time since Intel had a ia32 compiler executable for Linux.  Even if you have active support you can only download something as old as PSXE 2019, and I checked: that compiler is a x64 executable and will not run on 32bit Linux.  you can create binaries for ia32 even with today's compiler.  But you cannot run the compiler on ia32.


Do you need to run a compiler on ia32 OR only distribute applications and libraries for ia32 linux?  There are redistributable libraries kits with the runtime libs for ia32 so your dynamically linked execs and libs can run on ia32.  You just cannot compile there.



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