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In a university project I need to write codes in Fortran to create user subroutines which are then used by a modelling software. One of my tasks is to plot XY graphs. I tried to use SCIGRAPH, but I don't know how to do the plotting, when data are read from file.

I’ve read the manual of it, in which is written, that I have to use the following structure, and I have to add how many points I want to plot:

REAL*4 array(2,7,1) !(seven means, that I want to plot seven x-y points)

DATA array / x1,y1, x2,y2, x3,y3, .....  x7,y7/

To count the number of data (usually it’s unknown) in the used file I wrote a simple program, that works, so I think it isn’t a problem, but I don't know how I should modify the given sample to do the plotting from file.

I would be grateful, if somebody could help me with this problem.

Please consider that I am a beginner programmer, so I’m quite new to VS and Parallel Studio, any help/suggestions are welcome!

Thanks in advance!


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