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Segmentation fault with scalar-array multiplication using types

I am seeing a segmentation fault with the code below. I have two questions:

1) Why does Test 1 pass but Test 3 fail? In other words, if the same operation on the RHS of the assignment operator '=' is being conducted, what difference does it make if we assign the result to a local variable or to the component of a derived type?

2) Why does Test 2 pass but Test 3 fail? In other words, why does it make a difference if we multiply by a local variable or a component of a derived type, if they are simply scalars?

Below are the source code, compilation commands, and runtime result. Thank you in advance!

program main

   type someType
      real(8) :: scalar
      real(8), allocatable :: array(:,:)
   end type someType

   integer, parameter :: n1 = 2000
   integer, parameter :: n2 = 2000
   type(someType) :: obj
   real(8) :: scalar
   real(8), allocatable :: array(:,:)

   ! Set up arrays and scalars
   scalar = 1.0d0
   obj%scalar = 1.0d0

   ! Do tests
   array = obj%array*obj%scalar
   print *, 'Test 1 successful.'
   obj%array = obj%array*scalar
   print *, 'Test 2 successful.'
   obj%array = obj%array*obj%scalar
   print *, 'Test 3 successful.'

end program main

>> ifort --version
ifort (IFORT) 16.0.0 20150815

>> make
ifort -O0 -xHost  -traceback -check bounds -check uninit  -r8 -implicitnone  -c main.f90
ifort -O0 -xHost  -traceback -check bounds -check uninit  -r8 -implicitnone  -o exec main.o

>> ./exec
 Test 1 successful.
 Test 2 successful.
forrtl: severe (174): SIGSEGV, segmentation fault occurred
Image              PC                Routine            Line        Source
exec               0000000000478E65  Unknown               Unknown  Unknown
exec               0000000000476C27  Unknown               Unknown  Unknown
exec               000000000042A204  Unknown               Unknown  Unknown
exec               000000000042A016  Unknown               Unknown  Unknown
exec               0000000000406266  Unknown               Unknown  Unknown
exec               0000000000409880  Unknown               Unknown  Unknown    0000003E5FA0F710  Unknown               Unknown  Unknown
exec               0000000000404A70  MAIN__                     25  main.f90
exec               0000000000402F7E  Unknown               Unknown  Unknown          0000003E5EE1ED5D  Unknown               Unknown  Unknown
exec               0000000000402E09  Unknown               Unknown  Unknown

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I can reproduce the error with 16.0 compiler but not with the latest 17.0 so it should be an issue fixed in the new compiler.



Xiaoping Duan

Intel Customer Support

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Good to know—thank you.

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