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Several issues with documentation

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I have several issues with documentation (ifort19 beta, but looking up ifort18 docs does not help, as those are mostly identical): (1) Where can I find offline documentation for ifort19. I have downloaded a pdf document for ifort18 some time ago, but I could not even find this one. Online documentation is a pain, as latency of the homepage is painfully high. (I cannot understand neither the sluggishness of the homepage, why standard installation is missing an offline documentation, nor why the homepage is such a convoluted maze.) (2) What is the relation of the -debug and the -g compiler option? They seem to overlap, but nothing is mentioned in this regard. (3) For option "-debug full" I read "generates complete debugging information". But then for "-debug extended" I find "generates complete debugging information and also sets ...". Hence debug full does not generate complete debug information? Or how do I have to read this? I am very confused. In particular is -debug parallel included in -debug full or is it not? What about the other -debug keyword options mentioned in the documentation? I am mostly interested in a complete backtrace (output from tracebackqq), going past openmp boundaries. (4) Documentation for -march, -ax and -x is a bit confusing. I want to generate multi cpu dispatch code based on available instruction set. Something like "use avx2 if available, otherwise sse4.2". This should be done regardless of the cpu vendor. So "use avx2 if there is an intel cpu with that capability, otherwise sse4.2" would not be acceptable. I am not sure whether this is possible with the available set of options and their many rules of how they are combined. (5) Using -ax generates a lot of remarks like "remark: my_routine_xyz_ has been targeted for automatic cpu dispatch". Is there an option to turn off these outputs? Thanks in advance for any help.
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