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Snow in England

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Are your lot ok with all the deep snow in England?  It appears to be a blizzard as bad as '64 which my old English friends talk about like we talk about Fortran glitches.  

"A yellow rain warning has been issued for north-east England until 09:00 GMT on Tuesday."

I must say, someone really did not think this warning colour system through. 


"On Saturday when drivers were forced to abandon their cars, some sought shelter in the Girlguiding centre in the village of Hawkshead after its annual Christmas fair was abandoned.

Judith Myers, who has run the Brownies there for the past 47 years, said about 45 people slept over even though there were only 32 bunks."

This is not funny.  The same thing happened to my family in '68, we got stuck in Blackfoot in the middle of Missouri in the snow and there was one room at the Inn, we did not get the stable, but we shared with a couple who were just married and he was on orders to Vietnam.  Great spend your wedding night with a 11 and 10 year old set of bratty brothers.  

Stay warm and know that when really thinking about Fortran, we think of you lot, maybe not the Doc.  

Merry xmas old man. 


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Well that was a few mm on Saturday Night for me and that was gone by Lunchtime under heavy rain. Good job really as we can't cope with snow as we don't get enough of it for it to be worthwhile investing heavily in countermeasures like some other places need to.