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Srewdriver and Fortran

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The run times are now 200 seconds, in one of these long pauses I had a look at the Lakeland Cam website in England.  Great Pictures - nothing to do with Fortran, but the website guy is a retired postal worker who takes world class photos and changes them every day - has a quote for the day .


beware a programmer carrying a a screwdriver

Attributed to L Brandwein

I have hunted for this Brandwein - but I cannot find much -- this is the only quote I can find about him.  

Brandwein, Leonard; Lipsicas, Max (September 1970), "Application of Frequency Locking and Control to an Autodyne Oscillating NMR Detector", Review of Scientific Instruments, 41

Thinking of this forum the quote appears appropriate. 

But who is Leonard Brandwein? Does anybody know?


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I run a cryptogram site as on outgrowth of a decades long interest in computer assisted cryptogram solving.  This quote is very popular and shows up on a lot of quotations sites.  And you can get it printed on T-shirts.  Quoted in a lot of books as a chapter heading.   Seems to be the only quote by this guy, and seems to have come from the Unix Fortune program, which I remember providing a quote when we logged into our Unix servers.  That's all that I could come up with quickly using Google.

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??? what happened to the several replies to this post that were here yesterday ???

RE: Title of this thread Srewdriver and Fortran

This is what you say when you've had one too many screwdrivers.

Jim Dempsey

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I would say that they were edited out -- I have been busy so this is my first look in 24 hours. 

A moderator is a funny thing.  The problem with censorship is it bans great book's such as the Standard Bible and Guide to Fortran. 

He worked on tubes in the late 1960s is all I can find.  But the quote is everywhere.