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TDD, test coverage for Fortran


Hi, all.
My question is about measuring test-coverage in Fortran code.

I have searched on the Forum for TDD and have found only one dead topic
12/02/2003  "Unit Testing with Fortran"

Current status.
I have some unit-tests (~200) for my simulator written in Fortran. I can run them manually and get the amount of passed/ not passed.

I'm trying to find a tool to evaluate the % of the code covered by my unit-test.

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Have you looked at the "Tools/Intel Compiler/Code coverage..." menu item in Visual Studio? (Or alternatively searched the compiler documentation for "coverage") I do not know if this fits your situation, but at the very least you get insight in what parts of the code have indeed been run. I am not sure if it combines the coverage results for several test programs, but it is a start.