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Tab control dialog

I have a main modal dialog box which has a TAB Control with three tab defined.  At run time, based on user selection from the main dialog box, I want to disable certain TABs.  Is there a way to disable a TAB control at run time?   

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According to MSDN, "You

According to MSDN, "You cannot disable an individual tab in a tab control. However, you can disable a tab control in a property sheet by disabling the corresponding page."

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I think you can disable a tab

I think you can disable a tab within a multitab control by making it invisible, not the same as leaving it visible but greyed-out.  Take a look,

! Adds a tab page to a tab control.
!   hwnd:        window handle of dialog box containing tab control
!   controlId:   control ID of tab control
!   position:    1-based position in tab control to insert tab
!   nameId:      string resource ID for tab name
!   resourceId:  dialog resource ID for tab page contents
!   dialogProc:  dialog callback proc for tab page
! Return value: window handle to tab page
INTEGER FUNCTION TabControlAddPage(hwnd, controlId, position, nameId, &
    pageId, dialogProc) RESULT(hwndTabPage)
    INTEGER(HANDLE), INTENT(IN)    :: hwnd
    INTEGER, INTENT(IN)            :: controlId
    INTEGER, INTENT(IN)            :: position
    INTEGER, INTENT(IN)            :: nameId
    INTEGER, INTENT(IN)            :: pageId
    INTEGER, INTENT(IN)            :: dialogProc

    INTEGER                        :: rval
    INTEGER(HANDLE)                :: hwndTabControl
    TYPE(T_RECT)                   :: tabRect
    TYPE(T_POINT)                  :: point

    hwndTabPage    = -1
    hwndTabControl = DialogGetControlWindow (hwnd, controlId)
    hwndTabPage    = DialogCreate (pageId, dialogProc, hwnd)

    IF (hwndTabPage /= -1) THEN
        CALL TabControlAddTab (hwnd, controlId, STGet(nameId, 100), &
                               position, hwndTabPage)

        ! store the resource ID for the tab page in the window extra
        ! memory location, for future identification
        rval = SetWindowLong(hwndTabPage, GWL_USERDATA, pageId)

        rval = GetClientRect(hwndTabControl, tabRect)
        rval = SendMessage (hwndTabControl, TCM_ADJUSTRECT, FALSE, LOC(tabRect))
        point%x = tabRect%left
        point%y = tabRect%top
        rval = MapWindowPoints(hwndTabControl, hwnd, point, 1)
        rval = SetWindowPos (hwndTabPage, HWND_TOP, point%x, point%y, 0, 0, &
                             IOR(SWP_NOACTIVATE, SWP_NOSIZE))

        IF (position == 1) THEN
            rval = ShowWindow(hwndTabPage, SW_SHOW)
            rval = ShowWindow(hwndTabPage, SW_HIDE)
        END IF
    END IF

END FUNCTION TabControlAddPage


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