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Thanks Steve:


I probably drive you nutso sometimes, but thanks for the help, just being able to list the problems in a place like this makes it clearer and one can then usually solve them or get an alternative idea.

You really are a great resources for us poor lonely sick at heart, downtrodden and oppressed souls.

Thanks also to the other plsahdos who help a lot. Now just ot work out how to pronounce it.

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I'm just part of a great team of people here at Intel Developer Support. I'm glad that you find the forum useful.
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hi steve

just a few things to say in addition to what john said :-

i'm doing research for a university.

my research consists of RESEARCH THEORY, and FORTRAN PROGRAMMING.

for several reasons, i'm only doing this research 2-3 days per week.

hence, i'm not "doing" fortran programming full-time.

in fact, in a post i made in this forum earlier this year, i mentioned that i can be away from my computer for literally days at a time.

anyway, i have to try to get as much of my research done in those 2-3 days.

as such, i can't really "afford" to spend a lot of time mucking around with problems with my FORTRAN PROGRAMMING.

i've been visiting this forum for about 1 year now.

i've only made a few posts myself.

but, i also view most of the other "new" posts in this forum quite regularly.

i also search "old" posts, whenever i have a FORTRAN PROGRAMMING problem that might have already been discussed.

anyway, it's easy to see that, at least 9 times out of 10, you (steve) and the other staff at intel (e.g. annalee) are involved in obtaining a "solution" to each of these posts (both "new" and "old").

so, thanks to all of this feedback provided by you (steve) -- as well as all of the other staff at intel, and the other forum 'users' out there -- the time i have spent so far on my FORTRAN PROGRAMMING problems has been minimal.

so yeah, many thanks to you (steve). and all of the other staff at intel. and the other forum 'users' out there.


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