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Trying to get a MSVS 2015 and Intel FORTRAN 15 combination


So the long sad tail of woe .... Because of 3'rd party tools I need those versions.

It seems that I now down load MSVS 2017, and then they give me the option it install MSVS 2015 at the same time ... but both use the newer 2017 MSVS IDE. 

Well this seems bad because Intel 15.0.7 seems to want to find IDE components of MSVS 2015, which are no where to be found. (error is along the lines of MSVS 2105 not found)

Now the sad part is I don't use the IDE, I am more of a CMake and editor kind of guy. All I really need, is to open a console window, type

      - cl          and get the 64 bit C++ compiler from MSVS 2015 (think Unigraphics)

      - ifort      and get the Intel 15.0.7 compiler (think ANSYS)

After at least 12 hrs of installing/un-installing the frustration is high. 



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Actually if I could create a docker container that had both the MSVS 2015 C++ and Intel 15.0.7 images  .... and I sent files to it for compilation that would work too.

This is probably the long term approach. 



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15.0.4 or later supports VS2015. But it isn't just the IDE - VS provides tools and libraries needed for a Fortran build.

15.0.x does NOT support VS2017. If you need the full VS2015 (since you say you want the Microsoft C++ compiler), you'll have to find it on your own. There was a "Community Edition" that you can probably find somewhere. gives the combinations that work.