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Using Intel Trace analyzer with windows and VS2015



I'm trying to use Intel Trace analyzer with windows and VS2015 on my CFD code.

In my code, I have many F90 files but different modules and subroutines. Also, I'm linking with other libraries such as PETSc.

I tried to add "/trace" in the additional commands in VS2015 GUI and compile. However, after running my code, there is no *.stf generated.

I then tried to do it in cygwin, on another smaller code, by adding -trace to the compiling and building. Similarly, no *.stf is generated.

I also tried to compile and build directory in the command prompt:

mpiifort /c /MT /Z7 /fpp /Ic:\wtay\Lib\petsc-3.8.3_win64_impi_vs2015_debug\include /trace   /o ex2f.obj ex2f.F

mpiifort /MT /trace /o ex2f.exe ex2f.obj /INCREMENTAL:NO /NOLOGO /qnoipo /LIBPATH:"C:\wtay\Lib\petsc-3.8.3_win64_impi_vs2015_debug\lib" Gdi32.lib User32.lib Advapi32.lib Kernel32.lib Ws2_32.lib impi.lib impid.lib impicxx.lib impicxxd.lib libpetsc.lib libflapack.lib libfblas.lib kernel32.lib

Now I can get the *.stf file.

But is there some way to do it in VS2015? As mentioned, I have many F90 files and I hope I do not have to use the command line.


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I would suggest asking in

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