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V17 Update 1 Causes Internal Compiler Error (Windows 10)


Just tried out v17 update 1 and now I get an internal compiler error part way through my compile. I already understand that I need to provide the offending code but the compiler error is somewhere in a very long fortran source file in the middle of a semi-large fortran project. All I know is that the initial release of v17 didn't have any issues with the same project. The source file is 3643 lines long and is part of a DLL library that has over 50 source files. So not really sure how to proceed with diagnosing the issue in order to get more information the developers behind IFORT.



Mike J.

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What is needed from you: the specific source file the compilation of which causes an ICE,  INCLUDE files and the sources to modules USEd by that file, and the compiler options used.

The size of the project and the number of other source files are not of any concern as far as reproducing the ICE is concerned.