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VS integration issue still not resolved with oneAPI 2022.2

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Today I upgraded the base and hpc toolkits from OneAPI v.2022.1 to OneAPI v.2022.2 - to kick the tires of the 2021.6.0 ifort classic compiler (ifx is still useless to us due to the lack of coarray support). The version of Visual Studio 2022 I have is 17.1.6

  • On the plus side: the maddening issue where renaming a file in the Solution Explorer tree would lead to a random jump to another file (imagine the headaches when you have 10,000+ files in your solution...) seems to be fixed - after at least a decade, this is a welcome improvement.
  • On the minus side: when closing a VS solution with some fortran source files still opened in the editor, those same files will NOT be recognized when the VS solution is opened again. They will have to be closed and reopened individually. Not fun.
  • On the minus side: installing the toolkits is still a nightmare. It took multiple cycles of uninstalling everything (VS, Intel OneAPI kits), rebooting, installing VS, installing the base kit, installing the HPC kit ... to get to the desired state. Some various steps in the base kit or HPC kit installation would freeze randomly (integration step, finalization step, locking the installation space, etc.).
  • On the minus side: the dreaded Visual Studio "The operation could not be completed" error (while trying to run the code after a rebuild) is still there. The only workaround is to close the VS solution and to reopen it immediately... but then of course all your files that were opened are ... not recognized (see 2nd bullet above).

It's been years since I last had a pleasant experience upgrading my Intel development environment. There is always a hitch, and it takes half a day if not more to get over it.

Still - it works now... but what a nightmare.

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This is not advice, but I reset the computer when both a present version won't install and a previous version won't uninstall. The present version installs easily after fresh installs of VS(s). The first time I tried registry and file deletes but realized I was going to die of old age before finishing.  The no uninstall/install has happened on two computers recently.

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The issue with closing VS solution (second item in your list) will be fixed in the next release.

As for the rest -  yes, we have observed that some systems with multiple old oneAPI toolkits installed confuse VS2022 integration. Indeed, in these scenarios -some cleanup is needed to get the latest VS + oneAPI combo installed correctly. There is nothing that can be done about the complexity of upgrading VS and oneAPI in such cases. 

I also would like to point out that Microsoft updates their VS more often now than in the past and they are making it difficult for Intel to keep up with changes. We are working on improving our partnership with Microsoft in this channel and are well aware of the challenges you have described. 


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