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VS2022 colour scheme leaked into VS2017

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To build a large external C++ project I today installed VS2022. That part went OK but when I went back to my VS2017/OneApi Fortran projects I have inherited a whole new colour scheme from VS2022. I am sure I can probably live with it, you get used to most things after a while. However, it is highlighting Fortran intrinsics in a dark blue on a dark grey background which is just unreadable without removing my glasses and sticking my face in the monitor. I have hunted around the tools>options setting and don't see what I need. Is there any easy way to restore the "old" look or at least tweak the new look? It seem editor options are all by language.

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Tools > Options > Fonts and Colors > Text Editor > Fortran Intrinsics  seems to do the job. Just hard to find!

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Visual Studio Color Theme Editor  There is a color theme editor for VS 2017 and 2019. This has been renamed and a lot of the old color schemes deleted from the VS2022 system. 

You will need to look on the devlabs site to find the 2022 vsix file, it has a weird name. 

Why devlabs changed the name that has been around for a long time and removed the nice schemes, such as red is really weird.  

A few months ago, I fixed the blue.vsix file from VS 2019 to give me the old red scheme, then the problem that comes when you open VS 2022 goes away if you use the one system on all vs editions.  

The new schemes are very visually dark and bright. Quite awful. 

Tools -> themes. 

If you want the red one I can upload it here, I cannot upload it to the MS system as it is not signed. 



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Thanks John.  Tools > Themes is the one. I discovered I have been previously using "blue" so having changed back to "blue" from "the dark side" life is now much more pleasant. I think it is not 100% as was (new blue is not old blue) but OK enough for me not to care. I guess I will install the latest compiler in 2022 soon and if that passes muster abandon VS2017. I tend to not upgrade VS until I have to as it always creates some issue but 2017 will fall off the support list very soon anyway.

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For reasons that make no sense, if you have open VS 2022 and VS 2019 and you change the color scheme on one, it goes to the other within 2 seconds. 

Likely using your MS account, MS has a system that can only store one theme.  

The red for VS 2019 looks like this:

Screenshot 2022-01-19 175844.png

The red for VS 2022 looks like this 

Screenshot 2022-01-19 175813.png

In my humble opinion - awful. 

The blue for VS 2019 looks like this 

Screenshot 2022-01-19 175910.png

for vs 2022 looks like this

Screenshot 2022-01-19 180239.png

I cannot see a difference. 

The ms devlabs have deprecated the color theme editor and brought out a new program that allows me to create themes, why I would want to create a theme is beyond understanding, but such is life. 


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