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Visual Studio 17.2 community edition Fortran workaround


In summary, I missed the "don't install VS 17.2.X" warning, and now I'm trying to get any version of MS VS Community Edition and the Fortran compiler to load and build existing projects.  I've seen the threads about workarounds to get Fortran loading and building, but my first problem is getting any version of oneAPI to install.

After updating to VS 17.2.6 and realizing that was a mistake, I took the following steps:

  • Uninstalled all Intel oneAPI items.
  • Uninstalled MS VS 17.2.6
  • Downloaded the offline base, toolkit, and patch installers for oneAPI
  • Reinstalled VS 17.2.6.  I haven't found an option to install an older version of the community edition.  If I could do that, that would be a great solution.
  • Tried to install the oneAPI basekit 2022.2.0.252.

While installing the oneAPI basekit, I get a warning/info message that "Intel Visual Fortran Compiler 19.1 Integration(s) in Microsoft Visual Studio is already installed."  I can't find any evidence of this still being installed.  I have uploaded a screenshot of this message (Message1.png).

After that, I get an installation error that others have encountered: "Component id:, name: Intel® Distribution for GDB*, version: 2021.6.0-188.
Error: Sequence execution failed."

I have uploaded a screenshot (Message2.png) and the full log file.

Does anyone have any suggestions on a way to proceed?   Thanks in advance.



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Did you see the solution Steve suggested in this thread

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