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WebBrowser ?

In Visual Basic I can add a WebBrowser component to a form.

Can I do the same in VisualFortran? I would like to add a GoogleStaticMap to my form but don't think I can do it in VisualFortran.

If it is possible, is there an example of adding a WebBrowser?



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The web browser component you

The web browser component you refer to in Visual Basic is probably a COM component (more specifically - it is probably an ActiveX control of some sort).  You can interact with COM components using Fortran.  But this is not a trivial exercise.


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If you just want to open a

If you just want to open a web browser, just use the usual command to start an executable, once you have a location for, for example,
iexplorer.exe, firefox.exe, or whatever your installed browser application is.

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