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What's difference between Parallel Studio 2015 and 2016 for FORTRAN?

I'm using Parallel Studio 2015 Composer for FORTRAN and considering upgrade or renewal.

Hence want to know what's performance difference btw 2015 and 2016 version especially for CFD.

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The difference is that the

The difference is that the 2015 product has the 15.0 Fortran compiler and the 2016 product has the 16.0 compiler. Many new features, many optimization improvements and many fixed bugs. Your question "especially for CFD" is not answerable. I will comment that upgrade pricing is best if you renew before support expires. You can read the Fortran release notes to see what is new. Also note that the 2017 product (with 17.0 compiler) is in beta now and is coming out later this year. You could join the public beta, install that compiler, and see what performance differences there are.

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