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Where to download ifort 12.1.0



I am trying to run an old fortran software developed by NASA (NEQAIR).  However, I am unable to compile using the latest version of Intel® Parallel Studio XE for Windows.  How can I download the previous version of ifort 12.1.0 that the manual referenced in the manual (section 7) ?


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Hi Chris,

Citing Steve Lionel:

There is no "2012 version". For the Intel 12.0 compiler, choose "2011" as the version. You will probably have to scroll down through the version list to find that.

So it is Intel Fortran Composer 2011 you have to look for. In general you have to login into the Intel registration center, where you can download older versions of ifort. However, the oldest version I get is 2015 initial release.

In an old thread Steve has provided a direct download link to ifort 12: Post #8. Not the latest 12, but you can give it a try (Be aware, that this might not work with Windows 10).

Nevertheless, I guess that the version of ifort is not the reason, why the code will not compile. Please, provide error messages, if you like to get help.

BR, Johannes

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You will need to submit a support request  and request a download for older compiler version. State your reasons. Older than 2015 is not available for download from Intel Registration Center.

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saltonstall, chris wrote:
 However, I am unable to compile using the latest version of Intel® Parallel Studio XE for Windows.

I could not check this earlier since one has to create an account, request access to the software from NASA and then wait for approval. It took several weeks to receive the notice of approval, and at that point I had lost interest. However, a note arrived yesterday that a new version of NEQAIR was available. I downloaded the source code and built a serial version on Windows 10 it using Ifort 19.0.5 with the command

ifort /fpp /O2 /MD /4R8 neqair.f90

The package comes with build instructions for Linux, and I chose the command line options based on what I saw there.

An EXE was produced with no error messages of any sort from the compiler and linker.

Therefore, the question is: What exactly do you mean by "unable to compile"?

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