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Why are tools not found?

I have a user that gets the "specified configuration type is missing" message in the command prompt environment for 64 bit.  it works fine in 32 bit. They are using VS2010 with PSXE2013-SP1. The message is attached. in the docx file.

The last install logs are in the .zip file.  They say they did install the 64 bit run-times.

Can you see why it fails.

I tried to submit this to support via the registration center.  That website has changed so much I couldn't figure out how to do it. Is there a simple link to find support for the compiler?



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It looks as if the x64

It looks as if the x64 support of Visual Studio 2010 is not installed. Normally this is done by default for VS2010 but maybe this user deselected it on install. Note that this is a VS2010 thing, not Intel Parallel Studio. They could do a "Modify" on VS2010 through Control Panel > Programs and Features, and re-add it.

Use Intel Premier Support to submit support requests. This is explained on the "Tech Support" link in this forum's announcement.

Retired 12/31/2016
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