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I have some questions about MODULEs.

1) how is it possible to identify the first (lower address) and last variable (upper address) in a MODULE

2) how to find the size (in bytes) of a MODULE.

3) how to write the entire content of a MODULE to a file using a single WRITE and (possibly) a single variable.

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I think you misunderstand modules - they are not COMMON blocks. They provide "namespaces", not storage. Therefore your first question is meaningless, variables may be located in memory anywhere and it should not matter at all where they are. Because of that, there is no particular _size_ involved. And to answer your last question: you will have to arrange it yourself.

But rather than elaborating on the memory management issues involved in modules, I would like to ask you what you want to do with the information. What do you need it for? There may be far better solutions.


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