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activation rights do not allow" setup error while installing IMSL


Hello, I have a license for  Intel® Visual Fortran Composer XE for Windows* with IMSL* . I am trying to install it on my new laptop. Using the serial number i could install VFC. but when I try to use the same serial number to install IMSL, I am getting "activation rights do not allow" setup error. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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All licensing questions need to be sent to the Intel Online Service Center. You may need to download a license file (or copy it from another computer) and select activation by license file.

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This is really the wrong topic to be resurrecting.

This sort of upgrade (seven years old, really?) won't work if you use a serial number for the install, it will work if you specify a license file with a support end date later than that of the newer compiler's build date. But why mess with this? The 2022 version of the Intel Fortran compiler is free. You will need to update Visual Studio to 2019 (I recommend avoiding VS2022 for now.)  See