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activex control problem with CVF 6.6

I create a new control activex (ocx) under VB6 (i active it thru a metod).
I open a new project and workspace as fortran windows application;i select
simple dialog based application and click on "this project will use activex
In the dialog resources i add my activex control (already installed and
Then in source file aaa.f90 (aaa is my project),
in the aaaApply subroutine i would like to insert the necessary instructions
to activate (initialize, run, execute.....) my ocx control.
I read "using dialogs" in programmer's guide but i can't understand which
functions and in which way i have to use.
Have you a "simple" example (not fbrowser or mmplayer) that show the
simlpest way to use activex?

Thanks in advance

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