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anyone tried animate_open in a dialogue panel.

trying to load an .avi clip into the animation control for first time.

linker fails to recognise the animate_open API function.  Any ideas ?

use user32

use ifwin


TYPE (dialog) dlg

integer(HANDLE) hDlg, hwin_an1 

integer(HANDLE) hDlgProc


LOGICAL retlog


hdlg=dlg%hWnd ! Get the handle to the dialog window

hDlgProc=SetWindowLongPtr(hdlg, DWL_DLGPROC, LOC(MyDlgProc))

! get animation handles

hwin_an1= GetDlgItem(hdlg, IDC_ANIMATE2)

! initially load it and show it

retlog=Animate_Open(hwin_an1, "C:\Users\Videos\toy_plane_liftoff.avi")


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Animate_Open is not a

Animate_Open is not a callable routine, it's a macro (in C). It translates to a call to SendMessage with the message ACM_OPEN. That's what you'll have to do.

Steve (aka "Doctor Fortran") -
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